10 Signs You Need a Break from Social Media


Social Media is synonymous with life. A lot of people can't go a day without checking their Facebooks, instagrams, twitters, tumblrs, vines, etc. Countless hours have been spent, living through my phone. Here are some tell-tale signs you may be spending too much time with your phone and social media.


  1. You're only taking pictures for the sole purpose getting as many likes as possible.
  2. You've seen every photo on instagram from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. (Same with tweets).
  3. All the people you follow are similar.
  4. You have more conversations via DM or PM versus texting or in person.
  5. You're thumb hurts from scrolling.
  6. You see the same picture posted by the same person on FB, IG and twitter.
  7. tumblr becomes boring.
  8. You're over sharing (posting). 
  9. You keep commenting on a IG celebs pic and they don't respond.
  10. You feel like you're missing out.
  11. You like every post on FB, heart every pic on instagram, and fave every tweet on twitter.

Here are some ways to break the cycle.


  1. Log out of your accounts each time you get outIt can be a drag, but it will make you pause before signing back in.
  2. Turn off your notifications. Us iPhone users have the luxury of notifications. We also have the luxury of turning them off. Unless you use your social media accounts for business, like blogging, there's really no reason to have them on. They just become a distraction when you're doing something else.
  3. Plan times that you won't go on social media. When you're eating with other people, at the movies (please don't be one of those people), hanging out with friends (unless you're all sharing something, documenting the occasion), or any other time that seems a bit inappropriate.
  4. Delete people you're always quickly scrolling over. This sounds harsh, especially with FB, but FB has become something so anti-social, the other person won't even know you deleted them, unless they count their friends, but that would be an even bigger problem.
  5. Take a social media fast on Sundays. This isn't a foreign concept, and many people are actively setting down their phones on Sundays, so they can really be with their friends and family.

What is your favorite form of Social Media? I mainly use pinterest, but am actively on instagram, twitter, and facebook. Would you take a break from social media? If so, comment below. As always, I'd love to hear from you.