Today I Broke Up with Starbucks


Today I broke up with Starbucks. No more venti flat whites. No more venti green iced teas, no classic, with half pump raspberry. No cheese danishes. No chocolate croissants. I spend entirely way too much money satisfying my ego. After re-hauling my budget, or lack there of, I’ve taken an aggressive approach to my debt. I can’t even concentrate at work because my debt is slowly consuming me. It owns me until I own it.


With that said, Starbucks, I’m breaking up with you. At first, it will be hard, but truly I was using you out of convenience and you were loving my checkbook. I just can’t afford your overpriced coffees or the status that comes with it. I didn’t know how else to tell you, but maybe we can get back together when the PSL comes back, but I’m just not sure. I think it’s best for both of us. Ok, it’s best for me, not you. You will miss the oodles of cash that comes my way. And I will miss the instant gratification of “spending time with you.” But, I’ll get over it, and you find someone or someones new.


I'm going to need help everyone, this is going to be a hard process. Because I'm also breaking up with Dutch Bros and every other coffee shop. (Besides when I study, that is the only exception.) But, of course, I come with solutions to soothe my pain.


  1. Get up a few minutes early to make coffee and/or tea
  2. Buy cold brew from trader joes - makes it convenient, affordable, and delectable.
  3. Drink a whole glass of water when craving a green iced tea or flat white.
  4. Make sun tea - and take to work for the week. 

My problems won't be solved in a foamy latte or some sort of bread-y goodness. It will only be solved with diligence, persistence, and staying the course in saving my pennies.