Marching into Spring


In Arizona I feel we have 2 1/2 seasons. Hot, semi hot and cold. Right now we are in the semi hot with 80+ degree weather.   

I sometimes feel that's how life is. We have seasons where everything is wonderful and we are just floating on top of the world, there are other times that Murphy's law seems to only seek us out and is hell bent on making our lives miserable. But in the miserable is when we see the most growth.

I always think of Spring as a new beginning. Didn't get it right at the first of the year? Try again in the Spring!

So many new and exciting things are happening in my life some I can share and others will be announced when they can. The church I've started attending gives me life, a hope and a purpose. I feel not only needed and wanted but loved for me and not what I can bring. 

Sadly my friend time has dwindled to nonexistent and at first it was starting to bother me. But I'm realizing I'm in a season of me and its ok to just be with me. At the end of 2015, I felt challenged to give up dating for 6 months. I deleted all the dating apps off my phone and decided to deliberately focus on my growth in all facets of life. I'm halfway through the journey and I'm realizing it's time to step up my game if I want to see exponential growth.  

I've started baking again and want to expandmy repertoire  of goodies.  

I've been making more trips to the library and trying to expand my fiction reading again and not watch as much tv.  

I wrote a devo over at Quite Women Co and I hope to write more for them as time goes on. 

My young living business is growing and I'm trying to be more intentional with it.  

Life takes time. Growth takes time. But it also takes a willing soul to say enough is enough, I'm tired of being where I'm at and I'm ready to move forward. 

I'm going to sit down and write some big but realistic goals and work at them. I don't want to recognize me from last year. How about you? Are you ready to put in the time? Words are meaningless without action. Let's act on our dreams so we don't regret 2016!