Blogtember2016: Intro

Hi guys!

I decided to join Love Bailey Jean's #blogtemberchallenge. I really need to up my blogging game and find my niche. Just wasn't sure how. This is a great way to dive in. 

Bailey's challenge has provided her readers with prompts each day. I know I can get super excited at first when I start these challenges and by day 3-4 I've already run out of steam or better yet, forgotten. 

I've printed off a handy dandy blog planner from my peeps over at Femtrepreneur. They've even created a free 7 day blog guide to getting your blog off the ground.  

As we speak I'm sitting down watching this show co-worker recommended called Power. It's pretty risque, so if you're not into that stuff, I suggest not watching it. But, for my homies who like powerful dramas (pun intended), check it out.

This is just a post to introduce myself. For all of you that have come over from Bailey's blog, welcome!

My name is Lauren and I live in the sunny sunny state of Arizona. I work a 9-5 job for a startup tech company. I am currently 29, but turn 30 in a few months. I am single and mother to the cutest beagle you will ever meet. (Check out my dogs instagram account!) I'm heavily involved with my awesome church 29:11, and we even just dropped a worship album! When I'm not working or at church, you can find me chilling with my friends, reading, binge watching Netflix (Um, Stranger Things anyone?), crafting, and hiking. I'm addicted to Dutch Bros, Snapchat (👻renwashere), and slightly obsessed with Instagram and Youtube.

As I near 30 I have some major goals that I want to work towards- Getting healthy, making passive income, and saving for travels.

In a few weeks, I'll be heading on a missions trip to Haiti. I have a whole page dedicated to this trip. I can't wait to share with you everything that happens. I'll be bringing my DSLR so I can take as many photos as possible.

This blog is about my life, first and foremost. I also want this to be a go-to for 20-30 year olds who just need a dose of reality, a pick-me-up. A safe place to share and connect. I also want to share how-to's on everything from tips on best Bible study practices to key's to relaxing after a stressful day.

As the weeks progress, you will see more and more on the site. I promise the content will be good and not rushed. I also want to hear feedback.

I want to add more on the sidebars as well as some freebies and a newsletter. September is such a great month to set all this up! Why? Because it's the beginning of the school year.

Please stop and say hi! I'd love to hear some more about my readers! Have a fantastic Thursday friends. Can't wait to share with you all the new content!