30 Before 30


It's official. I'm now 29. If you've read any of my previous blogs I enter the new age with a list of things I want to do before I turn the next age. I decided to change it up. Instead of just making  a list that is easy to do if I actually work on it. I decided that this will be the wild and crazy year. The last year in my twenties deserves a big hurrah. Here's my list of 30 things I want to do before 30:

  1. Get my nose pierced. I've been wanting to do this for years. But I keep getting the look from my mother that she doesn't think it's respectful. If it doesn't happen in my 29th year, then I'll let this one rest.
  2. Take a road trip. I hope this summer to take a road trip to either the mid-west or up the PCH.
  3. Dye my hair blue-black. I've always wanted to dye my hair black, but blue black would be a great fun color this winter.
  4. East Coast Trip. I miss the east coast so much. I even have dreams of moving back. Hmm. Would like to make it to District of Columbia and NYC.
  5. West Coast Trip. California is calling my name. Disneyland would be a great mini-trip.
  6. Rock climbing. I want to learn how to rock climb. I'm looking for a Groupon to take lessons. Let me know if you see one.
  7. Run in 5 Events. I continue to live a fake dream of running. I really need to get my rear into gear. Once I start training, I always start to love it. I just need to start from scratch again to build my endurance. Who wants to pay me to run?
  8. Overseas trip. I'm planning on going back to the UK next year. I can't wait to go back. I hope to be there a little bit longer this time around. Need to start saving up the pennies.
  9. Crochet a blanket. I've crocheted a mini blanket. Now is the time to make one for a regular sized bed. I have enough yarn to make two. One for me and one for my brother. While I netflix binge I'll be crocheting. You can call me "Granny Lauren."
  10. Take a French class or two. I need to not spend money. So, I'm going to use the duolingo and try and learn some basic phrases, how to count, and the alphabet.
  11. Document year 29. Project Life has been around forever and I have had many of the materials that I have never used. This year, I want to document all the things I accomplish this year. So every time I mark something off this list I'll document it in my project life album.
  12. Perfect sugar cookies. Awhile back I stumbled upon the "perfect sugar cookie", icing and all. I want to start making them to give away as gifts and maybe some to sell. Mmmm.
  13. Get a tattoo. It's now or never. Sounds silly, but I really want one, but know that the older I get the less I'll attempt to get one. So, if I don't start now, I think I won't ever.
  14. Demo a cd.  I would like to create a EP of either covers or Christmas music. These days anyone can produce music. 
  15. Knit a chunky blanket. I must have found a good pattern. I honestly don't remember picking this one. 
  16. Make a quilt. I have a yearning desire to be Martha Stewart, as a lot of these have to deal with me being domestic. 
  17. Try crossfit. I'll have to find a good deal on living social. I thought it would always be fun to just try it out.
  18. Brew Kombucha. This stuff is ridiculously good and ridiculously expensive. So, why not make it myself!
  19. Start an instagram of Ellie. That is my beagle and I just adore her. She actually gets the most likes on my instagram. So, it's only fair that I share her more frequently with the world.
  20. Complete Wes Anderson Collection. I'm only missing Rushmore, Bottle Rocket, and Life Aquatic. If you haven't seen any Wes Anderson film, I suggest The Royal Tennenbaums
  21. Complete Christopher Nolan Collection. Between him and Wes Anderson, they make up my favorite directors. Interstellar is my favorite hands down.
  22. Hike all local mountains. I love hiking and would like to tackle all the ones in the area. I think it's a great form of exercise and a chance to commune with nature. (How corny am I?)
  23. Try camping. I've had may a friend tell me they will take me. I'm 29 and still never been. Once it starts to warm back up in 2016, I'm ready to go! 
  24. Visit and backpack the Grand Canyon. This will only happen if I've already tried camping. This would be epic though!
  25. Vist Utah parks. Those commercials get me ever time. That would be just amazing to visit even one of them.
  26. Sew a piece of clothing. I put this on my list every year. I really want to start making some dresses. I need some dresses. Time to dust off the sewing machine.
  27. Learn to weave on loom. Bought a loom from Hobby Lobby and received a mini one from Mollie Makes magazine. Now, I just need to try it!
  28. Perfect hand lettering. I have a couple of mini courses to work through. I want to eventually learn out to write in calligraphy. 
  29. Disneyland. I know I said visit west coast already, but I've been dying to go to Disneyland since I moved to Arizona.
  30. Go to a soccer game. Whether that happens when I go to the UK, or go to one here in the states. I will get to one this year. 

That's my list. It's extensive, but it's fun. Nothing too tasking. Just will take some money on some points. I will be sharing soon my goals for 2016. I can't wait to start sharing more on this blog. I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Have you ever written a list like this? If so, how did you do? Did this inspire you to write a list?