31 Days - Introduction

Photo via death to stock photo // cc

Photo via death to stock photo // cc

I write this as I lay in bed in the middle of the afternoon. I'm not sick, but I'm not well. I have completely worn myself out.

I left work today with a sore throat. Not the strep kind, but the stress kind. As I watch my life pass before my eyes, one thing is clear: I look worn and run down. The pressures of work and life cause a person to keep running until they pass out from exhaustion, check out mentally, and give up spiritually. I want all my areas, mental, physical, and spiritual to be rich and rewarding. Not poor and draining. 

My room is never fully clean, my brain never completely relaxes, my sleep is never fully restful. Always worried about the next thing: the pile of ever-growing work, the debt, no time for rest. 

 This is where 31 days of creating margin, routine and self-care come in to play. I'm going to blog and explore how to truly care for myself, or oneself. In a sense, I'm going to share how to and maybe not how to, grow up. A system or process to getting where you need to go without wearing yourself out.  

Life is a terrible thing to waste and I'm too tired to waste anymore of it. These next 31 days will be filled with musings, suggestions, resources and plans to go from chaos to chill.

Join me!