I went to Haiti last week.  And I think I became an adult. I've always seen myself as "young" and "incapable". But left feeling "older" and "brave".

This past weekend I went to a wedding solo, knowing I wouldn't know anyone but the bride and groom. I sat willingly by myself in service not expecting or hoping I would be asked to sit with someone. Tonight I signed up for my first yoga class in ages and I will not back down.  

Adulting is hard.

I paid my bills early for the first time ever.  

In Haiti, I felt equipped in so many ways, but I'll-equipped in some important ones. This included not being fit enough. The terrain was mountainy and difficult for me to walk on. God reminded me that I need to be fit if I'm going to continue traveling.  

He also reminded me that I haven't arrived and my faith with always be growing and becoming stronger. I don't need a husband to move on with my life.

He lastly reminded me how important finances are and how lazy and irresponsible I have been with mine. In the next short weeks, I'll be finding a side job to help pay off debt and to save money. That will be hard.

Adulting is hard, but God makes me brave and I know with Him I can do hard and great things!