Currently Volume 1


Welcome to Currently. This is where I share what I’ve been up to in the last week! I’ve loved doing this in past years and I kind of want this to be something you look forward to every week.

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Reading -

This guy wrote an article about minimizing his interaction his social media and it was a really convicting read.


Hannah Brencher’s Monday Emails are Life! Sign up here. This month is all about expectations. Hannah get’s real.

Have you heard of Book of the Month? It’s basically an online book club where you have 5 books to choose from each month! It’s decently priced and the options have been awesome. I’m currently reading January’s selection: Golden State. I’ve only just started the book, but it has a good dystopian novel vibe. If you’re interested in trying out Book of the Month, here’s my personal link.

Listening -

Podcasts -

I don’t have tons of time to listen to podcasts, but if I’m not too busy at work or I’m driving to or from work, I normally have a podcast on. Here are some I’m currently enjoying!

Good to Be Home - This is a brand new podcast to me and I’m enjoying it so much. Hosts Mika and Russ Perry live in Scottsdale Arizona and share so much on balancing life and business. They even talk about how they handled infidelity in their marriage.

The Lazy Genius - If you ever need a “lazy” way of doing things, then this podcast is your jam! They’re short episodes and one of my favorite episodes is all about “marinades”. I listened to the episode and was quickly able to apply what I learned and had an amazing Asian chicken for the week ready in just a couple of hours! Promise you it isn’t just about cooking, she talks about everything.

The Screw Ups - “Not your pastor’s podcast.” Now, this podcast is my favorite and not because I actually know the two guys that run it! But, they’re real and raw and just tell it how it is. Even though I still haven’t been asked to be a guest (I’m not bitter), this podcast is dope and you should definitely take a listen.

The Vous Church - This podcast has really challenged me in this new year and I’m really enjoying how much impact each of these episodes/sermons has had on my life.

The Bible Binge - Want to have fun with re-telling bible stories? Then this is the podcast for you! I’m loving this brand new to me podcast. The hosts of this podcast take creative license and share who should play each character in the bible and retell the stories. It’s honestly a lot of fun!

Audiobooks -


I always have at least one audiobook in my rotation. I’ve really enjoyed re-experiencing The Chronicle’s of Narnia. I’ve been attempting to listen to one book from the series a month. I’m currently on book 3 - The Horse and His Boy.

Music -

My church just came out with a new live album Marble and Mortar Vol 1! And if it didn’t get any better, you may possibly be able to hear my voice on the last track!


Watching -

I’ve binged too many shows this month due to sickness.

I’ve re-watched Game of Thrones and quickly got through Insecure. (Both rated for Mature).

Over the past two weekends I watched all of Instant Hotel and this past weekend I watched the newest season of Poldark.

I’ve caught up on This is Us.

I’m currently re-watching How to Get Away With Murder. I only got through the first 2 seasons the first time around.

Loving -

Apps - I’m trying to minimize the amount of apps I’m using, but here are just a few of the apps I’m currently enjoying.


Audible - Am I the only person who still calls them books on tape? Audio books are great when you don’t have a lot of time to read and you can listen to them

Cladwell - This app catalogues my entire wardrobe and it makes it super easy for me to put together outfits and even suggests weather appropriate ones.

Postmates - my code 7S52

Podcasts - If you couldn’t already tell, I use this app a lot and subscribe to quite a few podcasts. This app is a must!

She Reads Truth - I love this app! It carries everything She Reads Truth has to offer in one spot. I can read the Bible, follow along with the current (or past) Bible study, connect with the community and download great graphics.

Decluttering - I have too much stuff. Kinda glad the Kon-Mari method is picking up steam again. The Netflix documentary series was very eye opening and I really do need to start getting rid of all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years.

The Ketogenic Diet - I can honestly say, I’ve been enjoying this way of eating way more than Paleo, vegetarian, and vegan. I thought with incorporating more dairy I wouldn’t feel good, but eliminating sugar and carbs seems to be what my body needed!

Gratitude -

I’m grateful for finally launching my blog and being brave.

Consuming -

Iced Double Shot Espresso over Ice with Heavy Cream and Stevia (living that keto life).

One Little Thing -

Be exactly who you were created to be. To be anything else does two things, tells the Creator you weren’t worth creating and withholds from the world of the unique gift you were supposed to embark on His creation.
— Lauren Marie

What are you currently up to? I’d love to hear what’s going on in your world!