Hi, I'm Lauren

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Hi, I’m Lauren!

Welcome to my space in the corner of the internet I’d like to call my home away from home.

I haven’t written in this space since 2017. “Why?” Might you ask? That’s a great question and I will definitely touch on this a bit more in another post. But I would have to say fear and lack of passion are why I've been vacant.

I adore writing. But my blog has been vacant. I’ve feared re-entering the blog world only to fail and let others down. I’ve been planning on re-launching this blog since May 2018. It’s now the third week of February 2019 and I’m just now hitting publish.

It’s not that I haven’t planned anything. I have plenty of content to share. But, the fear, for so long, unfortunately has outweighed the excitement.

The site itself is still a work in-progress, but I know if I keep putting it off it will be another year and another empty space full of regrets and missed opportunities to share what’s on my heart.

So! Here it is! The newly updated Thelaurenmarie.com. The topics, layout, and template of the blog are new and I can’t wait to share all that 2019 has for this space, you know the space I want to call “home away from home”.

Again, Hi! I’m Lauren!

I’m a 30-something single gal living in the metropolitan Phoenix area. My one true love is my beagle, Ellie. I tend to spend more time reading than hanging out with friends and can be found binging a new show on Netflix, or re-watching a show on Hulu. I am a complete Anglophile and hope to someday call England my home. I dream about ramen and love to share the joy that ramen brings to my life on to others.

I have such big goals and aspirations and can’t wait to share them as time goes on.

A few tidbits:

  1. I know I will be a published author one day.

  2. I have always wanted to open up a coffee shop / bakery.

  3. I want to be a book editor.

  4. One day you’ll be reading the magazine I create!

I have some crazy dreams , but I’m so excited to see what comes to fruition!

I want this space to be welcoming! I want this space to be encouraging! I want this space to invoke a sense of purpose in the reader. I want this space to challenge young women to live their best and complete lives!

I hope you come back and visit soon and I so hope that you enjoy what you read. I’m FINALLY BACK!

Leave a comment below and let me know 3 things!

  1. Who you are.

  2. Where you’re located.

  3. Are you a new or old reader?