Life this summer


I've been MIA. 

I had to go find myself.

I had been quite down for a while.

I hadn't been this down for a long time.

Didn't realize I needed to get lost in a library to find myself. 

I spent hours walking down the non-fiction aisles pouring over all the books and selecting the ones that jumped out at me. Then I slowly made my way to a table and desk and poured over my finds. They were treasures and just like that. I found myself.

I think the book count was around 26 that came home with me. And I've only looked at a few. But for some odd reason among the chaos I found order.

I'm doing a blogging challenge for the month of July. Sadly this day is almost over. But I got my post in. Recently life hasn't gone as planned. That's been majorly stressing me out among a myriad of other things, but I think I just need to let it go.

My life is far from being organized or in order. But it will get there.  That's my goal for this summer.