Sunday Morning Coffee

Let's imagine we're in the same room. We are enjoying some hot coffee (or cold now that Arizona is in the 90s) and we're just deeply sharing our lives. This is Sunday Morning Coffee.

I haven't written in my blog for a long time. I think about it often, I even consider myself a part-time, part-time blogger (see what I did there). But, out of fear, busyness, and procrastination, this blog has collected dust. But I'm pushing past the fear. I'm pushing past the busyness. I'm pushing past the procrastination.

Life has been extremely hard these last couple of years. Some of my own doing and some just is a part of life. I've been dealing with some major respiratory issues, stress, and personal stuff. About a month ago, I decided to stop ignoring my battles and facing them head on. It's hard and seems even more painful. But I know in the end, I'll come out victorious.

Some highlights of these past 4 months (end of the first quarter of the year, crazy right?):

  1. Been to San Francisco 3 times this year for work.

  2. Started hiking again (although, I'm on hiatus until the Doctors can pinpoint my issues).

  3. Received a promotion at work.

  4. Got more involved in my church with worship and missions.

  5. Working on receiving my certification for becoming a pastor.

  6. My Young Living Essential Oils business is flourishing!

  7. Learning how to take care of myself (preventatively and not reactively).

Not too bad, I must say. I say this every summer and have huge goals and aspirations, but I want to enjoy this summer and get out more. That doesn't mean spending oodles of dollars, just means not staying cooped up in my apartment all year. I really want to focus on reading, movies, and concerts this year (more to come on this later).

I'd love to hear about what you have planned for this summer? Also, what are some of the highlights of the first part of your year?

I'm off to get ready for church and the rest of the day - Don't forget that God rested and He is our ultimate example. Please rest and take care yourself, friend. Because when we are fully rested and ready, there is so much more of us to pour into others.

See you all really soon! Be blessed!