December 2017 - 4 Simple Goals - Expectations

I don't know when the fear started, but it has grown in the realm of me writing on this space.

But, I’m tired of letting fear dictate what I will and won’t do. I’m letting fear know they are no longer my back seat driver! 

It's here where I come alive. It's here where I thrive.

Last week, we took a personality test and I can't wait to share what I got and what it all means. But, the results I got was "you want to be an author." And for as long as I can remember that has been the case. So, I'm not going to let fear or doubt navigate what I can and cannot do! And just because it's not a Monday or heck the beginning of the year, doesn't mean I can't write a blog post.

I'm actually in the process of redesigning and can't wait to share, what I'm doing, but in the meantime. Let's get to today's topic - DECEMBER.

I can't believe that in less than a month Christmas will be here and it will be the New Year. 2017 was the year that flew by. 

I wish I had more time for blog reading, but after google took away the best blog reader ever, I just couldn't get into anything else. But there has been one blog that has stood the test of time:  A Beautiful Mess before Elsie had a slew of writers and contributors, it was just her. For a few years, she shared something called 4 Simple Goals... Before [Year]. Granted she gave herself more time, but I'm going to implement it here because I want to make the most of this month.

4 Simple Goals 2017.jpg

That's it! Those are the goals. All simple, but all unique. I realize I sit on the sidelines so many times, so I'm excited to see Christmas lights. My room needs to be organized so I'll be ready for 2018! I'm planning on baking in lieu of a lot of gifts for Christmas. And last but not least, I want to make sure I'm available for the ones who really need it this season.

December's Expectations (1).jpg

I'm adding a new monthly post to my blog. Instead of making a list of lofty goals that will barely get off the ground, I'm going to share what my expectations are and at the end of the month, I'll share the reality. It's more to see how much my imagination runs wild and where dreams and the real world collide. I'll keep it to ten or less per post.

+ Start practicing yoga (health and wellness)
+ Blog at least two times a week (personal and business)
+ Make executive (essential oils and business)
+ Find doctors in the area (health and wellness)
+ Officially get halfway to body weight goal (health and wellness)
+ Plan my first 2018 trip (personal and adventure)
+ Enjoy the holiday season (personal and wellness)

And there you go! These are my expectations - We will see a huge dose of reality at the end of the month.

Ok, it's your turn! Do you ever plan goals at the end of the year? Do your expectations meet your reality? Is there a dream or goal that you can't accomplish because you're crippled with fear, guilt, doubt, etc.? I'd love to hear from you and where you're reading from!

Until next time!


Music Mondays: May 2017 Playlist

I wanted to know how I could share with you the music that I've been listening to. And then I though, tomorrow's Monday and I like alliterations, hopefully, the dots are connecting - An all new feature - MUSIC MONDAYS! I'm sure there are tons of people out there who do this. I say the more the merrier, you'll get a new playlist and hopefully find some new songs to add to your own collection. I have gathered everything from EDM to worship, John Mayer to Local Natives. I had a lot of fun curating this playlist. Because of the length of time, I'll share maybe just a couple things during the rest of the month and leave the first Monday of the month for that month's playlist. My brain is already flying with tons of music I want to put in the next playlist! 

Let me know what you think. You can keep it on this page or you can click this link to go to the spotify site. 

What are some songs you're listening to in May? I'd love to hear from you! Have a great day and I'll see you soon!


Sunday Morning Coffee

Let's imagine we're in the same room. We are enjoying some hot coffee (or cold now that Arizona is in the 90s) and we're just deeply sharing our lives. This is Sunday Morning Coffee.

I haven't written in my blog for a long time. I think about it often, I even consider myself a part-time, part-time blogger (see what I did there). But, out of fear, busyness, and procrastination, this blog has collected dust. But I'm pushing past the fear. I'm pushing past the busyness. I'm pushing past the procrastination.

Life has been extremely hard these last couple of years. Some of my own doing and some just is a part of life. I've been dealing with some major respiratory issues, stress, and personal stuff. About a month ago, I decided to stop ignoring my battles and facing them head on. It's hard and seems even more painful. But I know in the end, I'll come out victorious.

Some highlights of these past 4 months (end of the first quarter of the year, crazy right?):

  1. Been to San Francisco 3 times this year for work.

  2. Started hiking again (although, I'm on hiatus until the Doctors can pinpoint my issues).

  3. Received a promotion at work.

  4. Got more involved in my church with worship and missions.

  5. Working on receiving my certification for becoming a pastor.

  6. My Young Living Essential Oils business is flourishing!

  7. Learning how to take care of myself (preventatively and not reactively).

Not too bad, I must say. I say this every summer and have huge goals and aspirations, but I want to enjoy this summer and get out more. That doesn't mean spending oodles of dollars, just means not staying cooped up in my apartment all year. I really want to focus on reading, movies, and concerts this year (more to come on this later).

I'd love to hear about what you have planned for this summer? Also, what are some of the highlights of the first part of your year?

I'm off to get ready for church and the rest of the day - Don't forget that God rested and He is our ultimate example. Please rest and take care yourself, friend. Because when we are fully rested and ready, there is so much more of us to pour into others.

See you all really soon! Be blessed!

comfort zone


What a first week of the year! Of course it starts out great, guns a blazin'. "Hello, world, it's me, Lauren!" But expectations and reality barely ever meet, and if they do thy begin to blur lines and if you don't look in the details you'll miss what was real and imaginary.  

By Wednesday night, I was already spent and tired. Woke up to the dog leaving surprises all around my room and realizing that work wasn't slowing down. 

Instead of working overtime, I was busy cleaning up the "presents" Ellie left me. That left me defeated and tired. Friday morning was a drag and opening my laptop at work reminded me how defeated I felt.  

My wifi connection was working intermittently and my "whatever-sickness-I-have" won and I was forced to go home to take some meds and recover.  

God has really been working on my heart to pursue and cultivate relationships at church this year, so I reached out to a few people who I was sure He was telling me to reach out to. Guys, I hate doing this and rarely do because it takes me out of my comfort zone and a hurdle that seems to be a huge roadblock is rejection. But I pushed back and extended invites.  

I didn't quite get rejected but more of I don't have time right now to spend with you.  

There were definite tears yesterday (Friday). Tears of defeat, tears of tiredness, and tears of pure exhaustion. When it rains, I feel that it just continues to downpour with no relent. It's a tiny snowball that picks up momentum and snow as it rolls down the neverending hill.  

I don't feel like I belong anywhere. And I feel like most conversations at least, seemed forced by others. I haven't found any consistency outside of God and it's hard as we are created to live in community. And as much as I want to give up, I can't. But, I just don't know what to do. 

Is this how Jesus felt? The only constant in His life on earth was God. I should know this, feel this, but it's hard and most times I don't. I know reliving hurt from the past is healing, but this healing process has been long and lonely.  

God, be my constant and guide. My confidant and best friend. My Light and compass. Be my everything. 

Lost phones, emotional breakdowns and dog throw-up

I've been changing my attitude and mantra from Life is Hard to I Can Do Hard Things. That has honestly helped. So instead of feeling defeated 😕 before my feet touch the ground, I touch the ground running and say ok, I've got this (thing called life). And I know I can't do it alone, but this helps me see that life is what you make it.

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I went to Haiti last week.  And I think I became an adult. I've always seen myself as "young" and "incapable". But left feeling "older" and "brave".

This past weekend I went to a wedding solo, knowing I wouldn't know anyone but the bride and groom. I sat willingly by myself in service not expecting or hoping I would be asked to sit with someone. Tonight I signed up for my first yoga class in ages and I will not back down.  

Adulting is hard.

I paid my bills early for the first time ever.  

In Haiti, I felt equipped in so many ways, but I'll-equipped in some important ones. This included not being fit enough. The terrain was mountainy and difficult for me to walk on. God reminded me that I need to be fit if I'm going to continue traveling.  

He also reminded me that I haven't arrived and my faith with always be growing and becoming stronger. I don't need a husband to move on with my life.

He lastly reminded me how important finances are and how lazy and irresponsible I have been with mine. In the next short weeks, I'll be finding a side job to help pay off debt and to save money. That will be hard.

Adulting is hard, but God makes me brave and I know with Him I can do hard and great things!